About The Writer

Hi! My name is Stephanie, but I go by my Pen Name DeDe Sullivan when writing. I have been an experienced Legal Administrative Assistant for over 22 years, and more recent starving author from the beaches of Southern California. I grew up a Navy brat and worked at being the best she could be. Young grandmother and newbie writer working to share my truth, my story, my desires and knowledge on affairs of the heart.

As an up and coming author, it is my intent to offer the best in children’s books, thrillers and romantic fiction novels. I am dedicated to serving the needs of  readers and enthusiasts, each and every day. New to the writing world, I believe that it was time to put my love and desire of writing to use.
I began writing at a young age, writing in diaries about love, romance and family.  I could often be found with a pen/pencil and notebook in hand either writing or drawing. It has always been her passion to write stories about fictional characters and the like.
This site is intended to share excerpts from books that I have written, have yet to write, or am in the process of writing.
The abundance of ideas which I have for stories has allowed me to expand my imagination into writing romance novels, children’s books and thrillers for a wide audience that would enjoy them.  While romance novels may be my main theme for writing, a majority of them are on the “adult” romance scale which is not meant for anyone under the age of 17.
Writing children’s books comes easy for me as well. I have found that writing from the daily lives of my grandchildren, and incorporating their actions onto paper, allows for me to share short stories with other children with a little twist.
I am currently in the process of brainstorming a few Thriller/Science Fiction stories that will be for a wide scale audience and will be age categorized.
Again, welcome and thank you!

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